How To Stay Top of Mind on Social Media With Your Clients and Prospects

Recorded by: Brad Swineheart

Staying top of mind is not about constantly selling your business on social media. It’s important to take your content strategy seriously if you are actively sharing content.

In this episode, Brad Swineheart speaks with Joshua Stike, chief marketing officer at Reminder Media and host of the Stay Paid podcast, one of the top sales and marketing podcasts. Josh shares what makes good content and how to stay top of mind on social media with your clients and prospects without inundating them with redundant information.

Josh discusses: 

  • How to start a content strategy that will provide value to your audience
  • The importance of captions on videos (even if they are auto-generated)––and why there is a certain place for polished videos
  • Why the type of content your sharing on your social media feed matters
  • Effective ways to multiply your content to reinforce your message
  • And more

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