Help Parents Save For College Without Jeopardizing Their Retirement With Brock Jolly

A staggering 73% of parents with children under 18 say that paying for college is their top financial fear, according to Gallup

Not included in that statistic is the number of parents who are also stressed about trying to save for retirement at the same time!

Imagine being the one to help clients solve these problems? 

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by Brock Jolly, a financial advisor with Veritas Financial, LLC, and the founder of The College Funding Coach®. Brock teaches you how to become a sought-after advisor for helping clients plan for college expenses without sacrificing their dream retirement.

Brock discusses:

  • Why saving for college involves more than managing a 529 plan
  • How niching in financial planning for higher education can grow your practice
  • The benefits of The College Funding Coach® workshops and turnkey marketing systems
  • Tips for increasing referrals by specializing in college funding
  • And more

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