For Captive Advisors: The Ultimate Encouragement To Go Independent with Charlie Van Derven

Are you a wirehouse advisor who dreams of going independent…except the amount of freedom actually sounds a little scary?

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by Charlie Van Derven, President of Social Advisors and host of RIA Collective, to give you the ultimate encouragement to become independent, even if the freedom you desire also sparks anxiety. Charlie also reveals why he started The RIA Collective Podcast, which features leadership at independent firms, offering their guidance to captive advisors who are considering a move to independence.

Charlie discusses:

  • Two major reasons why advisors feel compelled to go RIA
  • Why advisors are mass exiting large corporations
  • How RIA Collective is helping advisors transition to independent with more confidence
  • What resources his podcast provides for independent advisors and their clients
  • And more

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