Bridging the Gap Between Advisors and Leads with Chris Sonzogni

One of two things happen with leads all the time –– they buy or they disappear.

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Chris Sonzogni, the director of advisor marketing at SmartAsset, about how advisors can convert leads into clients by building trust through digital marketing. They uncover some of the common mistakes that drive leads away, how to overcome them, and strategies for building strong social proof that scales your credibility.

Chris discusses:

  • How several high-net-worth individuals don’t consult an advisor until a few years before retirement
  • The ideal monthly frequency for reaching out to prospects
  • Reasons to not give up too early on leads (and how to keep better track of them)
  • How SmartAsset uses a 25+ questions survey to find ideal leads for advisors
  • And more

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