6 Points To Consider Before Your 2023 Retirement with Joe Prestigiacomo

Whether you plan to retire in 2023 or shortly after that, make sure your retirement plan provides for all your needs.

In this episode, David Pulcini discusses 6 points people approaching retirement should consider in 2023 with Joe Prestigiacomo, CFP®. David and Joe explain how retirees can determine how much money they will need and where they can source their income. Joe talks about how inflation, social security, and retirement contribution limit changes will affect how much money retirees will need. They conclude the episode with a discussion about the emotional side of retirement and a brief recap of the 6 points to consider before retiring in 2023.

Joe discusses: 

  • How much money you need to retire and where it will come from
  • Why inflation is the word of 2022
  • The increases in inflation, social security, and retirement contribution limits
  • Why healthcare is the most Googled term for people heading into retirement
  • The emotional side of retirement
  • And more

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