5 Not-So-Obvious Things To Do Before You Start a Podcast

Thinking about starting a podcast? Before you press record, learn five podcasting must-haves that’ll help you avoid podfade and grow an audience of loyal fans. 

In this episode, Matt Halloran and Kirk Lowe unpack podcasting fundamentals that most people don’t talk about, but really should. Having reached their 300th episode milestone, while also producing over 2,500 podcasts for ProudMouth clients, they know what it takes to launch and maintain a successful podcast. 

Matt and Kirk discuss:

  • Reasons to be leery of free podcast hosting services
  • Why ProudMouth has started turning live streams into podcasts
  • Why every new episode adds to your equity and scales your credibility
  • An easy exercise to help you generate a year’s worth of podcast topics 
  • Why they recommend having an interview format over solo-casting
  • Every reason to be unapologetically yourself on podcasts
  • And more

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