11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1.Three Ways Money Management Is Changing

Personal finance needs are on the rise during COVID-19 The way Americans manage their money continues to change as the ongoing pandemic impacts the American wallet in different ways. — Lilah Raynor

2. How Advisors Can Convert 70% of Their Opportunities

Imagine the difference to your business if you were able to convert twice as many opportunities.  You spend the same money and effort  but get twice as many sales as a result…it would add a bit to your bottom line wouldn’t it? — Tony Vidler

3. Financial Advisors Should Outsource to Win

As good as things are, it’s important to make the time to evaluate your business and how it’s changed in the last six months.  Is your infrastructure and support keeping up with that growth? Already consumed with family and remote office challenges, is your team feeling overwhelmed with their workload? — Derek Bruton

4. Do Investors Choose The Firm Or The Advisor?

The decision made by the investor is based upon their experience.  For those who have had bad experiences with an advisor in the past or were worried about the strength of their institution during the 2008 market crash, they are more likely to choose a firm.  Those who are looking for a more trusting relationship tend to choose the individual. — Catherine McBreen

5. What’s Coming For The S&P 500 In October

Will it keep blowing off bad news, or keep tracking like the year-2000 bear market? Some strange things are afoot in the stock market. The further we go into 2020, the more the market seems to think it’s 2000 all over again. — Rob Isbitts

6. Will The Election Turn Out To Be Y2K 2.0?

Y2K was a hot topic in 1999. It was believed that when the clock struck midnight to bring in the new year, all kinds of chaos would be unleashed. This was thought to be caused by computers not recognizing the year “2000” since early programmers used “19” as the two-digit code for year’s and the shorthand was thought to cause computers to think it was the year 1900 instead of 2000. — Andrew Thrasher

7. 3 Fiduciary Modes: Know How to Evolve From Good to Great

Today, there are more than a dozen different fiduciary standards. To simplify this patchwork of regulatory rigor, we’ve broken the standards into three different modes. Your success as a financial services professional will depend upon your capacity to know when and how to employ each of the different modes. — Don Trone

8. It's Okay to Say, “I’m a Financial Advisor”

What do you do? There is nothing wrong with saying, “I'm a Financial Advisor”.  The key is to have conviction in your offering and what you do — rather than a memorized poem you're going to recite in 30 seconds. — Penny Phillips

9. Pete Basgen on the State of Streaming

In case you haven't noticed, there's been a massive explosion in streaming and it goes way beyond cord-cutting and streaming movies on Netflix. We are in a new age of user-generated content, changing media and entertainment preferences, and new models for brand building. — Ed Lopez

10. The Benefits Of Avoiding Capital Gains

Decreasing a gain may sound counterintuitive, but decreasing capital gains can actually save you money in taxes. — J.Barry Watts

11. 5 Signs a Prospective Client Will Avoid Digital Engagement

For years, the financial industry has lagged in its adaption of digital tools to market to, communicate with, and manage the relationships of clients. While Financial Advisors have gradually, sometimes begrudgingly, come to embrace new technologies, the covid19 pandemic this year has accelerated their digital transformation. — Don Connelly