11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. 6 Steps To Becoming the “Go To” Advisor

With so much information swirling around consumers daily that it becomes difficult for them to know which information is relevant and useful for them, the greatest opportunity for advisers to position themselves as the “go to” person is therefore to be the primary source of trusted information that IS relevant. — Tony Vidler

2. Growth-Minded Advisors Should Adopt These Habits

In the advisory business, it’s easy for principles to be seduced by assets under management (AUM) or assets under advisement (AUA) tallies. That’s to be expected because many advisors are under the impression that the larger their client roles and AUM are, the more money they’ll take home. — Todd Shriber

3. I’ve Hated These Stocks for More Than a Decade (And Still Do)

In today’s issue: The worst-looking chart in the world... Google soared 200% the last time it was this cheap... You can finally earn good money on your savings (here’s my preferred way) — Chris Wood

4. The Next Secular Bear Market May Be Upon Us

After 12 years of a liquidity-fueled, Fed-induced bull market, are the markets set to start another “secular” bear market? In an interview with the Financial Times, Boaz Weinstein, founder of Saba Capital Management, suggested such. “There isn’t a rainbow at the end of all this. There’s no reason that this difficult economic period will only last two to three quarters and no reason to think we’ll have a soft landing or a shallow recession.” Before you dismiss his opinion as hyperbole, Saba Capital was one of the world’s top-performing hedge funds in 2020 and is up by almost a third in 2022. — Lance Roberts

5. Combatting the Gap Between the Talk and the Walk of Advisors with Philipp Hecker

Philipp Hecker is the Co-Founder & CEO of Bento Engine, empowering financial advisors to bring better advice to more families. Bento connects with your CRM through proven API’s to mine for advice, opportunities, and deliver relevant content back through the CRM. — Power Your Advice

6. Why I’m Buying These “Boring” Stocks

Is the bottom in? It’s the most common question I’ve been getting. At the time of writing, the Dow is coming off its best month since 1976. The S&P 500 is up 8% in four weeks. Many investors see this as an opportunity to get back into the markets. As you’ll see, the markets haven’t give us the “all clear” yet. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid all stocks. In this essay, I’ll show you where I’m putting my money today. These stocks are in clear uptrends and should continue leading the market higher. But let’s first look at the mega-cap stocks. — Justin Spittler

7. Have Global Markets Reached a Turning Point?

Shortly after October’s surprisingly soft U.S. inflation print, stocks, bonds and the dollar reacted quickly and fiercely. Of course, “soft” in this case is a relative term – inflation still stands at multi-decade highs; but compared to expectations, the move lower in both headline and core CPI was enough to convince markets that perhaps the long-discussed Federal Reserve (Fed) “pivot” was closer than expected. — Jack Manley

8. The Client Is Not Always Right

Navigating retirement is a bit like batting in a baseball game against a wild pitcher. You expect the fastball down the middle – the cost of living, healthcare, et al. You prepare for those pitches. But life sometimes gets in the way of the expected and it’s really hard to prepare for the inevitable curveball – like an illness – or a wild pitch like your only home being wiped out by a hurricane. — Steve Gresham

9. 6 Winning Marketing Moves for Financial Advisors in 2023

If you’re a financial advisor looking at marketing for 2023, I can’t blame you for feeling a little uncertain. It’s been a weird couple years, and while we’re largely getting back to “normal,” it seems like no one’s really sure what that looks like yet. — Johnny Sandquist

10. How To Retire Early, Love Every Minute of It and Keep Building Wealth

There is a lot of focus on the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early). Lots of ink spilled on homemade cleaning supplies, tin foiling windows and clipping coupons whilst whilst living in a nano house. All in an effort to mass up cash, exit the rodent race and find freedom. Does the math add up? And if you get there, is there happiness? And, of course, will you run out of money? I think yes, possibly and done right, your cash keeps growing. Retire early, love every minute. — Gordon Stein

11. The Subscription Trap or Where Does All My Money Go?

Baby Boomers are used to putting checks into envelopes and paying bills by mail.  Millennials and later generations were quicker to embrace the concept.  According to Statista, 48% of Baby Boomers use online banking while 69% of Gen X and 77% of Millennials take that approach.1  Writing checks at the end of the money gives awareness and control over where your money is going.  Subscription services and automatic debits confirm the saying: “Money talks.  It says goodbye.” — Bryce Sanders