11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. The Big Short Squeeze Is Coming

The latest rate hike announcement by the Fed sent stocks tumbling to the year’s lows. While last week’s market action was brutal, the good news is the markets are set up for a rather significant short squeeze higher. It is quite likely the Fed has already tightened more than the economy can withstand. However, given the lag time of policy changes to show up in the data, we won’t know for sure for several more months. However, with the Fed removing liquidity from the markets at a most aggressive pace, the risk of a policy mistake is higher than most appreciate. — Lance Roberts

2. Why the Bear Market Roared Back

It’s pretty simple, really. Markets rallied earlier this summer on the idea that inflation had peaked and central banks no longer needed to aggressively raise rates. But that idea has been thoroughly dismissed over the past month, first by central bankers themselves – who pretty much all along have been telling investors that their fight against higher prices wasn’t over – and then, finally, once and for all, when higher-than-expected U.S. inflation figures for August came out last week. — Kevin McCreadie

3. An Economic Wild Card: Could the Medicine Kill the Patient?

ECONOMIC GROWTH IS SLOWING and the price of oil has plunged below $80 per barrel — so shouldn’t the Federal Reserve ease up? Apparently not; the central bankers are ready to hike rates again, by 75 basis points, when the FOMC meets on Nov. 1-2. — Greg Valliere

4. Daily Volatility Needs To Calm To Draw Back Equity Buyers

2022 has been a very volatile year despite what the Volatility Index may show. This has caused many active investors and traders a great deal of frustration as they attempt to set their sights on a spike in the VIX to signal the “all clear” that the bear market has ended. This belief that the VIX must spike to mark a bottom has established as a criterion due to its common occurrence during most declines in stocks. — Andrew Thrasher

5. The Biggest Concern for Millionaire Investors

Inflation is over eight percent right now, the highest levels since the early 1980s. This is impacting pricing and expenses for investors all over the country, and at every level of wealth. Investors are all contemplating how long the current rate of inflation will last, what the causes are, and what actions, if any, they need to take because of these high levels of inflation. — Catherine McBreen

6. Should You Survey Your Clients?

Many businesses ask their clients to complete surveys.  I am particularly annoyed by the fast food chain(s) that asks you to complete a review and will give you free food in exchange for awarding them the highest satisfaction score.  When you are a financial advisor, you are often the closest you can get to owning your own business without the overhead and personnel costs associated with having your name on the door.  The downside is unhappy clients do not put you on probation.  They vote with your feet.  Getting as much feedback from them as possible is a good idea. — Bryce Sanders

7. To Improve Lead Conversion You Need 2 Speeds

Every lead is gold, and ideally every lead would result in conversion to a client.  The conversion rate really is often the difference between getting a good return on your prospecting and marketing efforts, or perhaps getting no return at all. The short cut to better conversion is often a simple matter of speed.  Speed of response. And then speed of engagement.  Even without improving the skills or the way you engage with prospects, the speed in which you do so can by itself dramatically lift the proportion of leads converted into clients. — Tony Vidler

8. Helping Financial Advisors Tap Into Private Commercial Real Estate Investing

Financial advisors know the value of presenting clients with alternative ideas and asset classes beyond traditional bonds and equities. When it comes to real estate, Texas-based CrowdStreet Advisors helps advisors deliver growth-oriented private commercial real estate opportunities to clients without the responsibilities of direct property ownership. — CrowdStreet Advisors

9. Generating an Effective Marketing Plan for Financial Advisors

Today, a well-developed marketing plan is one of the most effective ways to convey your value proposition to potential investors and give you an edge over your competitors. As a financial advisor, you need a comprehensive strategy catered to a specific target market, with content curated around your business objectives and unique skill set. — Robertson Stephens

10. Start Your Own Market Rebellion with Jon Najarian

Former NFL player and co-founder of Market Rebellion alongside brother Pete, Dr. Jon Najarian brings his expertise in financial journalism and media to the podcast. Douglas Blake and Jon discuss the utilization of options, and how investors can employ this strategy safely and effectively to get a leg up over the machines of finance. Najarian also brings his insights into Market Rebellion and their mission to promote the communication of financial information to the masses. — Wall & Main

11. Good Time for Advisors To Touch Base With Crypto-Enthused Clients

With bitcoin probing multi-year lows and the bottom having fallen out of the non-fungible token market, among other factors, these are dour days for clients that sought exposure to digital assets in discretionary accounts. — Todd Shriber