Start Your Own Market Rebellion with Jon Najarian

Wall Street and Main Street intersect in so many ways -- from the financial markets impacting everyday life, to the world around us impacting the way we do business. Meet Douglas Blake, Managing Director of Investment Services at Kingswood U.S., at the corner of Wall and Main to learn more about the products, programs, and people that serve the financial services industry, and how to apply them to your practice or investment strategy.

Former NFL player and co-founder of Market Rebellion alongside brother Pete, Dr. Jon Najarian brings his expertise in financial journalism and media to the podcast. Douglas and Jon discuss the utilization of options, and how investors can employ this strategy safely and effectively to get a leg up over the machines of finance. Najarian also brings his insights into Market Rebellion and their mission to promote the communication of financial information to the masses.

They also discussed:

  • Najarian’s professional football background with the Chicago Bears and his transition into the financial industry.
  • The evolution of how financial media is presented to the masses, making the information more digestible and relatable.
  • How investors can use options not only as a tool for trading, but as a source of information about particular stocks and the overall market.
  • The heatseeker algorithm and how it’s used for big trades.
  • Trading versus investing and how options can level the playing field for individual investors.

The views and opinions expressed in this interview are solely those of the interviewee and do not represent the opinions of Kingswood Capital Partners or its affiliates. For informational purposes only.

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