11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Do Some Clients Ignore Their Portfolios?

Invest for the long term.  Always have a long time horizon.  It’s sensible advice, but some clients are either unresponsive or don’t even open their account statements.  You would think the 2007 Financial Crisis would have cured them of this bad habit!  As their advisor, what can you do? — Bryce Sanders

2. Why Cyber Stocks Are the “Megatrend of All Megatrends”

While some megatrends last years—this one will hand out big returns for decades. It’s the kind of no-brainer sector you can invest in today and forget about for 5 years. I’m talking about cybersecurity. Cybersecurity companies protect companies, governments, and other organizations from hacks and other forms of cybercrime. The service they provide is critical to our modern digital world. — Justin Spittler

3. Personalization Is Critical For Advisor Marketing Success

Financial advisor marketing programs require personalization to achieve practice growth. No modern individual or firm can reach and/or grow an audience without it. Recently Jessie Johnson of Forrester wrote about B2B marketing that “the customer’s experience of an interaction matters most”). While some might argue that financial advisor/client connection isn’t a B2B relationship I argue that the significant nature of these advice relationships is complex and akin to the sales and marketing process of an SMB. The point however is to consider that personalization and customization of content and brand identity in financial advisor marketing is now a requirement for growth. — Marc Lamoureux

4. Beneficient Bringing Beneficial Liquidity to Alternative Assets

Alternative assets, or those assets excluding bonds, cash and equities, are garnering more attention due in part to the current low-yield environment. Additionally, advisors have more avenues for presenting alternatives to a broader swath of clients. The asset class was once off limits to all but professional and accredited investors, but these days, thanks to novel fund structures and other avenues, alternatives are available to a large client base and that's a plus for advisors because alternatives encompass some compelling asset classes. — Todd Shriber

5. The Advantages of Niche Marketing

In “Niche Marketing Strategy, Mistakes, and Opportunities” you will learn insight into creating your plan, barriers to avoid, and opportunities to help you gain momentum. — Annette Bau

6. Four Key Ways to Add Value for Time in Client Meetings

When you meet with a senior executive, there’s one factor that usually determines whether you get a follow up meeting: Have you added value for time? It the client benefits from your conversation, you’re on your way. If they didn’t find it particularly helpful, then next time they will delegate you to a subordinate or just ask for a written update. — Andrew Sobel

7. The First Assumption That Hurts Client Relationships

Even when clients seek advice, they’ll reject it if the process doesn’t feel like it takes their needs into account. And a major part of what Clients need is to feel heard and understood – like the prescription is based on thorough diagnosis. This is a huge trap if you’re an experienced Advisor – you see problems, opportunities, and solutions much sooner than most of your Clients. If you assume the right to advise, it’s easy to offer advice as soon as YOU see the solution. And in doing so, you unintentionally short-circuit the process. But are clients ready for the advice if they don’t trust the process? — Dan Smaida

8. Why Every Serious Investor Should Be Focused on Blockchain Technology

The best businesses to invest in are no longer on the stock market… Recently, I’ve discovered that some of the best disruptive businesses aren’t listed on the stock market. And it’s not because they’re still private… Years ago, the internet revolutionized the way business was done. Amazon (AMZN) became the world’s largest bookstore without having any physical book stores. Just like Airbnb became the world’s largest hotel chain without owning any actual hotels. There’s a similar transformation, only bigger, happening now. It has to do with cryptos, and the exciting “blockchain” technology behind them. — Stephen McBride

9. Axos Clearing: Driving the Future of Clearing Houses

Clearing houses aren't usually something an independent broker-dealer (IBD) likes to spend a lot of time thinking about. They want it better, faster, and more advanced than the competition; and they want to know their clearing house is investing in its future as the relationship between clearing house and an IBD is a symbiotic one. — Todd Shriber

10. Become One of the Top 5% Of All Advisors

One of the questions I love to ask clients is, “What’s a goal that’s bigger than money for you and your business?” It’s not easy to answer, but if you dig in you can explore the answer and find your ‘why’. For lots of successful business owners, the goal bigger than money is simply finding out what they’re capable of. They’re also making a difference in their local community, their region, or the world. It’s powerful stuff when you feel it in your bones. If you can find a ‘why’ that means enough to you, then making it your life’s work to be one of the top five percent sounds like a journey worth taking. — Brett Davidson

11. The Critical Superpower of Financial Advisors With Jay Coulter

Resilient. Able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult circumstances. How can you apply resiliency to your personal and professional life? — Matt Ackermann