11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Turmoil Lurks Around The Corner

On October 12, 1987, a week before Black Monday, the Wall Street Journal warned of the potential for significant market turmoil. Per the article: The use of portfolio insurance “could snowball into a stunning rout for stocks.” Today, we are increasingly alarmed that another trading tool similar to portfolio insurance could set markets up for a bout of turmoil. — Michael P. Lebowitz

2. Investors Urged To Seize Markets’ Bullish Sentiment

The re-opening of China, weaker gas prices, and growing signs of a ‘soft landing’ for the U.S. economy as it appears that the Federal Reserve is reducing inflation without creating significant unemployment, are amongst the factors which have improved the outlook for global markets. This is causing a bullish sentiment as investors believe that many of 2022’s headwinds are now in the rear-view mirror. — George Prior

3. Recession Forecasts At Odds With Bullish Formations

Despite mounting evidence supporting recession forecasts, the stock market remains at odds with that outlook. Such leaves investors in a predicament of avoiding a further drawdown in the equity markets but not wanting to miss out on a potential recovery. — Lance Roberts

4. Why You Should Not Cut Your Marketing Budget This Year

Today’s professional services marketers are responsible for doing more with less than ever before. From following innovation in marketing technology to supporting their firm’s recruiting campaigns, the list of ways they need to manage their marketing budget increases in complexity every year. And this is on top of the increasing pressures applied by the marketplace. — Austin McNair

5. Financial Advisors Sabotage Their Success Through Getting Ready To Get Ready

I’ve seen it dozens of times. Financial advisors sitting at their desks, looking busy, immersed in their work, shuffling papers, searching the internet, and reading reports. Sometimes it seems to go on for hours, even days, leaving me to wonder what they’re working towards. But one look at their production records tells the tale. There is a strong likelihood they’re working on getting ready to get ready to do what they know must be done but can’t seem to pull the trigger to get it done. — Don Connelly

6. Fed Pivots & Equity Market Bottoms

Many pundits love to come out with bold statements such as, “Typically the stock market bottoms ‘x’ number of days before/after ‘y’” and with all the hype surrounding one of the fastest Fed tightening cycles ever, they are out in force. Just choose if you think the bottom has happened or will happen after the Fed pivots and you can find a pundit to cater to your confirmation bias. So today we want to show that the world is not black and white, and making blanket statements without context is at best an oversimplification, and at worst. — Chris Vandiver

7. Preparing 1 Billion People for Tomorrow’s Economy

In the research the BBC undertook they found that the workplace and society was at a tipping point. This new technology was coming along and nobody, Governments, commerce, the schools understood it. In fact in Germany, the nickname for the computer was "job taker". Which looking back is ironic considering of the number of jobs that IT has created. — Timothy Hughes

8. Getting Paid To Beat the S&P 500

Advisors know that when it comes to equity allocations, beating the S&P 500 is difficult. Really difficult. As the SPIVA scorecard confirms, beating the benchmark domestic equity gauge is a task few highly paid active managers accomplish. Even fewer accomplish with the regularity needed to impress astute clients looking for long-term positioning. Something else advisors know: Dividends, particularly when reinvested over lengthy holding periods, matter. — Todd Shriber

9. The App to Ensure You Never Lose a Client with Tom Fields

In this podcast, Doug and Tom explore the world of client-facing apps for advisors to leverage and how Fynancial differs from its competitors, creating a user experience the end client is actually looking for. — Power Your Advice

10. How To Grow Revenue as an Advisor

For the last three weeks, we’ve been talking about how to have a rockstar start this new year. We’ve discussed why we need a written game plan as a roadmap to our success, why having a morning success ritual is crucial, and how to execute a top-level daily game plan. We’re now down to the fourth and last part of this series, where I’m going to talk about business development and how to grow revenue in this game. — Joe Lukacs

11. How To Play Crypto’s Cyclicality to Your Advantage

Crypto follows an exaggerated boom-and-bust pattern, shifting between euphoric highs and depressing lows. After soaring 1,569% from March 2020 to November 2021, crypto crashed 64% in 2022. The key to thriving in crypto is to use the “busts” to your advantage. Times like today are ideal for accumulating quality cryptos at steep discounts. — Stephen McBride