The App to Ensure You Never Lose a Client with Tom Fields

Tom Fields is the Founder of Fynancial, a custom mobile app that builds advisors a platform to retain clients, build trust, and provide a new service without ever reducing fees.

In this podcast, Doug and Tom explore the world of client-facing apps for advisors to leverage and how Fynancial differs from its competitors, creating a user experience the end client is actually looking for.

They also discussed:

  • The significance of retention for IRAs and how Fynancial is helping in this area
  • The difference between traditional client portals and the approach Fynancial takes
  • The current trend of wealth transfer and the challenges financial advisors face in engaging with the next generation of clients
  • How financial technology can support the shift from traditional financial advice to financial coaching
  • The role social media plays for the next-gen in how they will consume financial advice and how advisors can leverage the platforms
  • The benefits of using a client-facing app for content marketing

Resources:  Fynancial