Retire with Purpose: Goal Setting and Life Coaching Strategies

They say retirement is like a second childhood—except this time, you’re the one in charge!

It’s time to set new goals!

This week on Red Carpet Retirement, Adam speaks with Liz Mohler, an esteemed ICF-accredited career and life coach, about setting goals in retirement. While focusing on the importance of goal setting and finding purpose, they address the emotional and social challenges retirees face, such as the loss of work-related social networks and the need to redefine daily routines. Liz offers her expertise on navigating these changes, emphasizing the value of mentoring and volunteering. Adam shares personal anecdotes, including his own struggle with the concept of retirement and his wife Cynthia’s positive experiences post-retirement. 

The episode is a deep dive into the varied experiences of retirees and the quest for fulfillment beyond one’s career.

Adam and Liz discuss: 

  • The importance of redefining routine and setting new goals in retirement
  • Nurturing relationships and giving back in retirement
  • Different retirement journeys and finding activities that bring fulfillment
  • Overcoming the fear of retirement and finding purpose beyond work
  • And more

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