Financial Vulnerability to Financial Security with Anne Aldrich

Anne Aldrich is the Head of Research for the Alliance for Lifetime Income, an organization creating awareness and educating Americans about the value and importance of having protected lifetime income in retirement.

In this podcast, Anne unpacks the research and studies the Alliance for Lifetime Income has been following, bringing insights into how both financial professionals and consumers can prepare and become secure in their retirement protection plans.

They also discussed:

  • The Protected Retirement Income and Planning study and what it reveals about the changing views on the security of retirement
  • The difference between the views of investors and advisors relating to retirement income protection
  • The opportunity for financial professionals to clarify the purpose and alternatives within the retirement planning process with their clients
  • Advisor’s appreciation for the role that annuities can play in their client’s portfolio
  • The 6040 portfolio and if financial professionals are open to change regarding that standard
  • The economic shocks and other factors that are creating uneasiness about people’s retirement savings lasting their lifetime
  • The “Peak 65” phenomenon of the US approaching the greatest surge of new retirees in history 
  • What the data uncovers about the preparedness of financial professionals and consumers for the retirement wave

Resources: Alliance for Lifetime Income

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