Avoid These Mistakes: Securing the Right Retirement Path

Is there a right way and a wrong way to retire?

In this episode, Jeremy Keil speaks with Brad Barrett, Managing Director at One Capital Management, about the complexities of retirement planning with a focus on how to secure the right path to retirement. They emphasize the importance of individualized planning, considering both quantitative and qualitative factors. Brad emphasizes the importance of focusing on retirement income rather than total savings, and also talks about the color of money and bucket theories for investing in retirement. 

Brad discusses:

  • Why it’s important to customize your retirement plan to your own needs
  • What led him to becoming a CFP® and specialize in working with clients who have pensions
  • How money can affect the non-money parts of life
  • What the color of money theory and bucket theory are
  • Why retirement income matters more than a lump sum of savings
  • Why money is a great employee but a terrible boss
  • How to find a good financial advisor
  • The importance of seeking counsel from a financial advisor
  • And more

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