What Does ‘Food for Thought' Mean to You?

A week later, as I was smiling at the fond memory of a surprise gourmet dinner, a unique thought came to me.

Gourmet food resembles negotiation on many levels. Taste buds appreciating all of the components of the food, to include the texture and design, resemble the many elements of a negotiation to savor the best moments.

Most people fear negotiation whether for a sale or getting hired. By viewing give and take as a meeting of the minds that brings about a happy conclusion for all, it’s just another engaging dialogue. Creative thought helps considerably to stand out from the crowd as witnessed in Dan Disney’s article per The Leading Women in Sales 2017.

1. Stimulate the senses to generate new ideas

Sales and negotiation begin with obtaining the other person’s perspective first. Then it is possible to pose questions that bridge the divide between what you have to sell and what is on their mind. This is where numerous ideas formulate to develop a robust plan.

2. Obtain definition from those with whom you meet

We each hold different perspectives and definitions for the same idea. For example, ‘Food for Thought’ typically means ideas up for serious consideration. Many people use coffee and sweets as a quiet time to ponder their next move. Offering a meal to a client to discuss further ideas has always proved to be an ideal way to have a free-flowing conversation.

3. Boil down the essential ingredients for a tasty conclusion

After consuming a uniquely delicious meal, it is typical to recall the taste that stood our most. I give thought to how I might create something similar, but frequently my method is simpler than that of a 5-star chef. For business, we boil down the essentials that are needed to ensure satisfaction for the client or those interviewing us. We need to get down to the nitty-gritty to ensure getting the job or the sale.

It’s also obvious that using creativity and humor is part of my style, and that always helped to earn additional business. But in all seriousness, should you be seeking to advance your career or a new job, you may wish to mark May 23 at Noon Pacific Time / 3:00 pm Eastern Time on your calendar.

Are you viewing your job or clientele as a delicacy and one to be savored? If not you may wish to consider your approach or whether it’s time to make a change. Reflecting on where you are, becomes your turn to refine the ingredients on which you focus.

Time to acknowledge:

  • Which elements bring enthusiasm to become your area of focus?
  • What may you do differently to increase your motivation to continue?
  • Has the time come to make a significant change?
  • My personal rule is never to quit when I feel down. When this occurs, I need to fix the situation the best I can to feel success is mine and portray that with my next move. Before your next interview, be certain that you are excited about accomplishments and how the experience will be beneficial for the next place of employment.

    Sales Tips:

  • Refine your processes to focus on what brings the most joy.
  • Check your enthusiasm meter to see if adjustments are in order.
  • In your endeavor use multiple senses to address the bigger picture.
  • If you feel stuck, cook up an improved plan to move forward in your career.
  • Read about organizations their projects on Twitter for new ideas.
  • Reach out to groups that attract your interest to see where you might fit in.
  • Reflect on your accomplishments to determine next steps.
  • Devise a plan of action for moving forward.
  • Don’t let anyone place their negative thought on you, remain optimistic.
  • Celebrate success!