Three Ways to Handle: Email Me Something…

Be honest: Do you dutifully send an email and then ask when you can follow up when you get this blow off objection?

Believe it or not, over 90% of sales reps do just that.

But top producers are prepared for this common stall/blow off, and they know how to qualify past it. And after learning and using the scripts below, you will, too!

Script #1:

Make sure and have an email already prepared while you’re prospecting. If someone tells you to email them something, simply ask them what their email address is and the send it! Right then!

Simply say:

“Okay, I’ve just sent it to you. Let me know when it pops up, and I’ll show you a couple of links you’ll want to explore later.

“In the meantime, let me ask you…”

And then ask a qualifying question. The point here is whether or not your prospect will:

1)    Give you the time to speak further with them. If not, they weren’t going to open your email anyway. If they will, however, then you know there is a legitimate chance they are interested.

2)    Open the email when they get it. This tells you how cooperative your prospect is, and so how cooperative they will be throughout the sales cycle.

3)    Blow you off with another objection. This is actually great because it tells you that you won’t need to follow up on the email—they aren’t buying!

4)    Allow you to set a definite follow up appointment.

Script #2:

“I’ll be glad to send you an email, but we have several products to offer you, and I just need to ask a quick question, so I know which email to send.

“Let me ask you…”

And begin qualifying!

Script #3:

“I have a better idea: Rather than clog up your email with something you may not even be interested in, let me briefly describe what we have, and you can honestly tell me if it’s something you’d be interested in, OK?”

And then wait to see if this is a real prospect or not.

Believe me, all of these techniques are better than sending an email and then being ghosted for the next month as you try to get them on the phone again!

Try it this week, and watch your leads get more qualified as you put less “wood” into your pipeline. And then watch as more deals roll out of it!

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