Specific Ideas to Add Value Your Clients Each and Every Meeting

Do you need some fresh ideas on how to add value in each and every client meeting?

This is the million-dollar idea… and it seems so easy yet is also so hard. I’m going to help you get out of your own way and out of your own head and into an easy way to blow your clients mind and trigger a gazillion referrals. And if it doesn’t, I’ll offer you a FULL REFUND of every penny you have spent listening to this podcast.

Shocker - I’ve got a SYSTEM for you to add value in each and every client meeting.

We’ll do that by:

  • Creating a meeting cadence with varied topics so meetings don’t all feel the same
  • Add in education and behind-the-scenes info that will have your clients thinking you’re a gift from financial planning heaven
  • Make you the advisor with “all the ideas” 
  • Building a meeting and value schedule that you can wrap around your busier and slower times in your business
  • Solidify to your clients that you are the doer of all things - the advisor who thinks of everything and has all the bases covered. 

If you're ready to level up your value to your clients and become their indispensable advisor, this is your episode. Let's go!