How to PRIME Yourself for Success

Do you ever wonder how top achievers just keep on keepin’ on? Are you amazed at how some people can find a way to stay energized to get things done on a consistent basis? While working with many top achievers, I’ve found they have a common daily ritual. They all refer to their daily morning ritual as priming their day. Just like starting an engine, it needs to be primed to get going and stay going. Priming is a great way to inject energy and momentum into your day.

Here are 5 key areas to PRIME yourself at the beginning of your day to assure you have the best chance of staying focused and energized throughout your day.

P – Physical activity . Top achievers get their body moving. They understand the importance of getting the blood and oxygen flowing throughout their body. They don’t necessarily do a full-blown work out in the morning; all though many do. However, they all invest at least 10-20 minutes to elevate their heart rate and break a sweat. By doing this daily activity, it activates the vital organs so they can do their job and keep the body healthy and operating at its best. R – Reading.Leaders are readers and writers are ignitors. Achievers invest a minimum of 10 minutes reading books and articles in their chosen field of expertise to stay current. They journal for themselves and perhaps even write blogs, articles, and books for others to benefit. I – Ingest water .With our body being comprised of over 60% water it is important to stay hydrated. During our sleep we lose quite a bit of water. Kickstart your body’s hydration with a glass of water within the first 30 minutes of waking up. The brain is 73% water. Keep it plump and performing by drinking water not just at the beginning of the day but also throughout the day. M – Mantras, meditation, and affirmations .Achievers take at least 10 minutes every morning and go to the GYM (Guide Your Mind). They select and recite affirmations. They select a daily mantra to repeat throughout their day so they can stay on track. They also are sure to include time to quiet the mind and appreciate the space and silence to help calm the systems. E – Envision the most optimal day.Top achievers review their plan and goals. They have a plan made up of their vision, mission, goals, strategies and projects. They take 5-10 minutes each morning to review their plan and associate to where they are headed and why it is important to get there. They imagine what is needed for their journey and the best way to secure those resources and navigate accordingly. They let go of any blunders or absurdities from the prior day and focus on the new day ahead. They understand the importance of the current day in the path to their envisioned future success. They imagine what the most successful today needs to look like to get them closer to their vision.By being intentional in taking care of our mind and body so it can take care of us, we become more receptive to the important and insightful impulses that will guide and influence our best choices, decisions, and actions that will ultimately lead us to where we want to be in work and in our life.This year, I invite you to integrate these 5 key elements into your morning ritual. Combined, they take no more than an hour each day. Consider it your hour of power. By Priming your day, you will fuel yourself with the necessary goodness that will propel you through your day in a focused way to stay on track to achieving your desired success.Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!

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