How To Get Off to a Great Start in 2024


Happy 2024, and I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season! As we welcome the new year, the financial advisor industry presents new challenges and opportunities, highlighting the need for a strategic and well-informed approach.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting as a financial advisor, the beginning of the year marks the perfect time to reassess and realign your goals.

In this episode, I’m sharing 20 valuable strategies that can set you on the path to a remarkable start in 2024!

I also discussed the following:

  • (04:54) Why 2024 is going to be a separation year
  • (14:19) The core product in your marketplace
  • (16:23) Why you must own the first hour of your day
  • (19:25) How to guard your mind from distractions
  • (21:14) Why advisors must commit to being a leader, teacher, and coach
  • (23:54) Is there such a thing as “over-communicating” to clients?
  • (27:03) The value of having a balance sheet for all your clients
  • (36:11) The key to growing your business at a 10x level

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