Get Amazing Results When Your Intro Engages Women

Let’s fast forward in time… Your messaging now validates your deep level of commitment to serving women and it’s getting attention. This great momentum is happening all because you can clearly articulate your focus.

Being able to articulate your focus on women will create immediate interest and inspire others to ask about what you do, which is something every advisors dreams about yet rarely achieves. In fact, articulating your focus on women actually intrigues men and helps to stimulate great conversation. We are NOT talking about using an elevator script, but rather redefining your practice based on your story “Why Women” to your tribal market and ideal female clients.

Writing Your Introductory Script

The femXadvisor Introductory script contains 4 key components; a title that inspires more interest, a description of your tribal market that stimulates referrals, the 3 core issues that show your clients that you understand, and your 3 Tiffany box solutions that becomes the foundation to your practice and process.

A good introductory script is built around your tribal market and when executed correctly generates incredible results:

  • Two minutes to make an impact: As a sponsor at a community event she had two minutes to capture their audience. She shared her compelling introduction that focused on women, and as a result her booth was mobbed with potential clients.
  • An introduction that motivates action: After attending the same networking event for years and not having much success in acquiring new members, a male financial advisor decided to approach the situation differently by sharing his compelling introduction that focused on women. To his surprise, immediately following the meeting multiple members reached out to him to schedule appointments.
  • A compelling introduction inspires referrals and appointments: At a social event when asked what she did, she took a different approach then simply responding, “I’m a financial advisor.” Instead she used her compelling introduction and by the end of the conversation a gentleman approached her saying, “You need to talk to my Mom. Do you only work with women?” The conversations quickly lead to the gentleman scheduling an appointment with her.
  • A website should make connections and receive a responses: After a client read a compelling introduction on the home page of her financial advisor’s website the client commented, “I didn’t realize this is what you do, you need to call my friend who is getting a divorce.”
  • The woman Leaned-In: In a one-on-one appointment with a couple, the male financial advisor shared his story about why he works with women. As he was sharing his compelling introduction the woman simultaneously leaned in to fully engage herself in the conversation.

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Sample Compelling Introduction:

So what do you do?

I manage women’s wealth.

What do you mean?

Most of my clients are women who have survived a personal crisis. For some it may have been divorce, loss of a loved one, an illness or simply a personal setback.  Regardless of their issues they are tired of feeling like a victim and want to take back control of their life.  These women realize they need to make their financial affairs a priority in order to go from a feeling of surviving to a place of thriving.

You know what is interesting… It doesn’t matter how these women accumulated their wealth they all come to me with the same 3 issues and concerns!

What are those?

  • Am I going to be ok?
  • How do I rebuild from here?
  • How do I protect my future? (They never want to feel like a victim again)

 So what do you do for them?

As a result of working with me, together we will:

  • Create your Life by Design Plan, which will give you greater clarity and direction that focuses on where you are now and where you want to go.  
  • Build your Balanced Investment Strategy tailored to your unique life situation, balancing your desire for growth, safety, and income.  
  • Start your membership in my Thriving Women’s Club, a community of women and events that supports and encourages your journey to a life of thriving.

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