Ensuring You Always Have a Shoulder to Lean On: Why Having Someone in Your Corner Is Vital


Knowing someone believes in you gives you energy and confidence amid this exhausting swirl we’re all in. We all need someone in our corner. Who listens to, supports, and encourages you?

  • Think about what you need. Understand your challenges, where you struggle to get over certain obstacles, when you start getting weary. Identify exactly what’s going on and where you most need support and encouragement.
  • Strategically consider who you want to be your go-to person when you need a boost. Don’t just reach out to the person next to you by default, especially if they tend to recruit people to join in their negative outlook.
  • Recognize the value of spending time with this person. Make it a priority. Express gratitude that you can trust them and they enable you to unload, process, and come away uplifted.

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