Do You Know Why Clients Suddenly Leave?

Maintaining a full pipeline while seeking new clients is an essential effort for salespeople.

We can avoid many of the departures by taking the following ideas below into consideration. Long-term clientele will leave for varying reasons, but one stands out from the rest.

Yesterday evening I was the client attempting to log into an account. I repeatedly attempted the feat but was caught in a loop. Customer ‘care’ was contacted. The first representative had me try the same multiple times. The Tech Rep did a repeat, and management finally took over the helpline. Hope was in the air.

An hour and a quarter later, (determined) I was asked for my birthdate. The Manager surprisingly said, ‘that’s not what we have.’ My thought was, “It hasn’t changed since I was born!”

Admittedly, frustration took over as the hour was late, and so much time wasted. Concern about inept people in charge of my account, or, that it was possibly hacked had me realizing my next steps:

  • Get the account fixed for a short-term solution
  • Find another service provider for a long-term solution
  • The worst part of this story is, we were loyal clients for 30+ years. Service has steadily gone downhill. A month ago, a different website issue created difficulties. I went to the branch, and the people there didn’t have a clue. Worse, the employees did not offer the number of someone who could help.

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    Clients want to see their representative demonstrate:

  • Care and concern
  • Efficient help
  • Facts that can be verified
  • Timely resolution to a problem
  • Scheduled check-in appointments
  • Secure access to accounts
  • Providing good value for the money spent
  • If you have been employed for some time, most likely you have unexpectedly experienced a client leaving your service. Should names come to mind, give pause to think about the situation and the facts leading to the decision.

  • Are there takeaway lessons from your experience?
  • How can you avoid the same in the future?
  • Are you ready to implement change?
  • As an entrepreneur, it is far easier to stop and fix problems to the client’s satisfaction. An employee will many times need to defer to their employer. The decisions aren’t always correct. When this is the case, one needs to decide if they can live with the judgment or if it diminishes your standards of client care. If the latter, it may be time to find a new job to keep your personal brand in tact.

    In the meantime, provide to the client the employer’s reasoning for the decision. Ask your contact if they will be alright with the conclusion. Then take control of the conversation by stating what you may personally contribute to smooth things over. Do so with the hope of moving forward on solid footing. Live up to your arrangement as best you can.

    Show Me the Money or Not

    Another reason clients leave is when they believe you are solely interested in the money. As a salesperson, you want your time to be well-spent. However, without demonstrating and communicating appreciation for the business will also motivate for clients to leave.

    The old proverb applies; ‘Treat others as you wish to be treated.’ Treating your clients with respect is the best encouragement for each to remain with you long-term.

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    Sales Tips for Maintaining Long-Term Clients

  • Repeat the words, ‘Thank You,’ whenever appropriate.
  • Always inquire as to how your service is performing.
  • Ask clients, ‘Do you have any suggestions for improvement?’
  • When problems arise, fix them promptly.
  • Check in after the fix is made to be certain satisfaction returns.
  • According to the client schedule, check in on a regular basis.
  • When checking in ask if it’s a good time, and then ask for their news.
  • Engage in lively dialogue first and then inquire if everything is in working order.
  • Exchange further ideas through Q&A for additional business down the road.
  • Celebrate Success!