Be Grateful for No

So many sales reps hate hearing NO. In fact, constant rejection is the number one reason most sales reps dislike sales.

One of the most useful things you can do, however, is to embrace getting a no, and reframe it for what it is: Simply someone getting out of your way and helping you get to your next buyer faster.

I realized a long time ago that I was going to get a lot more no’s than I was yes’s. And that’s how it is in almost every endeavor:

Actors go on a lot of auditions and get turned down a lot more times than they get the part.

Professional baseball players strike out a whole lot more than they get a hit.

And on and on.

So, why should sales be any different? (It isn’t.)

Rather than being upset the next time a prospect (or even an existing customer) tells you no, recognize that you’re now that much closer to getting a hit, getting a part in a movie, or getting your next deal.

In the meantime, the next time someone says no, just smile and dial—your next deal could be on your very next call!

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