As a Female Advisor, Have You Been Called a “C” Word?

As a female advisor, have you ever been called a “C” word, highly competitive, too controlling, and overly confident, as if it’s a bad thing?

Do they call you too competitive as you balance raising a family while growing a successful business?

Do others say you are too controlling while depending on you to take charge of groups and make things happen?

Or what about when people tell you that you come across overly confidentintimidating other women and men even when you are their “go-to” for advice?

Well, it’s time to stop apologizing!

Most women advisors are high achievers, and it is their competitive nature that pushes them to achieve more. They have entered an industry NOT designed for women, and yet they succeed. For many, it’s not about competing against others but challenging themselves to be better, do better, and accomplish more. It’s rarely about winning or losing for women advisors. They are driven by the internal high they get from exceeding their goals and expectations, often their own. They will never settle for average. If this is what competitive looks like, then I’m all in. 

Yes, successful women advisors are controlling because they are the doers and the drivers. They take charge when others won’t or don’t. Women advisors have a vision of what they want to accomplish and what others can achieve and are willing to take responsibility for making it happen. Ready to take risks when others don’t step up, despite already doing too much on their own to ensure everyone is happy. Without controlling women in the world, we would still be fighting for the right to vote.

If there is a controlling women’s club, count me in. 

Women advisors often appear overly confident, oozing energy and strength even when they never feel they have never done enough. While these women seem optimistic, they too struggle with limiting beliefs, always wondering, “Am I enough?” 

High achieving women love to see others succeed. Often support and encourage others even when they are struggling with their own fears and issues of self-worth. Call me crazy, but I am proud to be a confident woman.

In truth, female advisors are the bravest, most courageous women who continue to forge a new path in financial services even when the industry does not understand them. Their unique strengths and feminine values give them the courage to reject unscrupulous methods even when they could be ostracized. Many women advisors achieved their success with little to no support while being pushed and pulled in directions that did not work for them, yet they persevered. These are women who see no glass ceiling, who barrel through boundaries. These women continue to be the pioneers breaking new grounds and create new opportunities for women today and those that follow.  

I, for one, feel honored to be called the “C” words. Do you?

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