Are You Ready to Change the Details?

Are you flexible in changing the details of your business plan as time passes?

The business plan and accompanying processes should have a thorough review, on a continuing basis, and certainly before year-end. Only then can we improve upon what is in place so that we may increase the better business results. Motivation will increase among those who belong to sales teams as they witness a change for the better. A previous blog entitled “Five Steps To Keep Business On Track” may be found by clicking this link .

Approaches to business are forever changing.

Not only is it necessary to keep up with the newer trends but tweaks are a necessity for the traditional systems that still work well.

When I began my business, I was advised to write a book to establish credibility. The process evolved into creating an entire product line. As social selling came on the scene, the trend became known as content marketing. Accordingly, the details for creating books and products transferred to the newer style of delivering insights. And now the concept is that of interactive content marketing . The entrepreneurial lifestyle is one of flexibility and adaptability.

On the corporate side, change takes longer because of regulations and the number of people involved in the decision-making process. The downside is, details stalemate and accordingly teams become less motivated to make the most of each day. I bring this up because the current issues in corporate involve Sales Enablement.

The concept of sales enablement holds a variety of meanings depending on who you ask. Accordingly, there is a mumble jumble of how to fix it. But, there is hope to figure it all out by accessing the insights of people willing to take a survey. The more people who agree to step up, the more accurate will be the analysis of the answers provided.

Should you be in the corporate environment or have a growing business of your own, please answer the survey questions here to benefit everyone in the industry. Together we can more easily solve multiple problems and make the sales profession one that is enjoyable to partake.

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If you have familiarity with the corporate sales arena, no doubt many suggestions have come to mind over time.

The problems vary depending on the size and reach of the company, and whether the sales teams are on-site or in remote locations.

Before you click the link to the survey, take time to review in your mind how you would improve your current situation, and potentially enable sales in general. Reflect on whether you believe the sales team is satisfied with the inner workings to get their sales approved, and is customer service efficient and appreciated by your clientele. Then give thought to where improvement can benefit the sales staff.

  • Are you bogged down with meetings, training, and documentation?
  • Would lead generation and inter-departmental communication be helpful?
  • Is thought given to salespeople as new requirements take hold?
  • Now that you have attention on the current circumstances of your employment or business, you are ready to take the survey. Time is running short as the survey will shut down in about 30 hours. Please click here . We are hopeful that you will give your input so that we have in-depth data to provide a cohesive conclusion for all.