Are You On The Track You Want?

One question of me today stopped me in my tracks, and I’m forwarding the favor by asking, ‘Are you on the track you desire?’ The question is whether I find satisfaction in life in general, work, and outlook for future endeavors. The suggestion to take one minute for meditation regarding the question is the follow-up step, plus doing so daily.

Admittedly, in my early career years, the focus was on helping the family. Once we met the goals, I was somewhat at a loss in deciding what would come next. It’s difficult to separate ourselves from the news and the negativity surrounding us as we consider how it may affect our lives and business. However, I arrived at the point of enjoying the negative commentary directed at me as I used it as my motivating force to continue going.

It took years to realize that to find satisfaction in our work, we are to realize that the hardships we experience have a purpose behind them, but only when we accept and follow the examples they present. Although I never wish the events that I experienced on anyone else, they set the benchmark to continue forward.  On a side note, being stubborn helps considerably. 

A brief recap of my career experiences include:

  • Mocking
  • Attempts to get me to quit
  • The lack of equity and acceptance

Although the reflection on occasion may be repetitive, it emphasizes the path I traveled to get to where I am today and plans for future achievement.

The exercise is an excellent reminder of why we do what we are doing and helps clarify our future vision.  Equally important is that confirming what potentially lies ahead adds to our motivation for arriving at our cherished destination.   Enthusiasm can be contagious, and accordingly, we then encourage others to join us on our journey.

The beauty of social media is that we can connect with people located globally who hold similar principles and ideals.  Their experience can be substantially different from ours, but by hearing one another out, we can develop a more robust plan together for fixing the issues we hold dear.  In the process, we build appreciation for one another. Better yet, we realize new ways to collaborate and make a more significant impact on what we want to accomplish. 

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Over time, we go out of our way to assist projects and further our goals beyond what we initially believe to be tenable.  The motivation, inspiration, and creativity combine forces to develop more robust programs that will empower more people.  In my youth, I thought retirement would be the ultimate goal, but I was wrong.  The glory is in realizing our talent and applying it to help others achieve what they set their minds to do.  I find it exciting to continue the journey of contributing to communities in a way that will inspire many.

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