Are You Letting Outside Factors Block Your Achievement?

Politics and overall business climate affect our individual entrepreneurship, corporations, and the question of whether or not jobs are secure. All of this brings about stress and can affect health unless it is well-managed. Create a flexible plan while maintaining a passion for your distant vision.

The last economic downturn was 2008, and there is plenty of talk about being more conservative with finances today. Today’s news of Brexit, terrorism, and American political chaos all combined have many wondering about what’s on the horizon.

A flexible plan is a smart move. Figure out where you are with business versus seeking work. I just provided the following advice to a friend:

The proverb, “The grass is always greener…” most definitely holds true when questioning being an entrepreneur versus acquiring a job. My take is it’s almost a tie for the benefit of each. The freedom and reward of entrepreneurship are unmatched. BUT when money is tight, and a looming economy is questionable, the job is the better way to go as it’s more dependable.

In particular, insurance for an entrepreneur adds up substantially to high numbers. The right protection involves health, life, accident, and business insurance to include legal matters, just to name a few necessities. Many people stay up at night wondering how they will pay bills let alone have all of the appropriate insurance in place. Honesty with oneself is a must when it comes to planning for the better direction to take.

The salesperson’s strategy for attempting something new is to consider what’s the worst that can happen?

Once nailed, you are then positioned to write out a winning plan of action.

Should doubt about your current direction have entered the picture, then it’s time to consider the better plan of action. Capture all the positive reasons for continuing as you are and next to that list the negative. Answer the following:

  • What is the worst that will happen if I continue in this direction?
  • What is the worst that will happen if I change direction?
  • Which is riskier – continuing or changing direction?
  • In which direction do I see the greatest benefit?
  • Will support be beneficial?
  • List all the benefits you believe to be true for the better direction. Create a backup plan for the just-in-case scenario. Now create a formal plan to include everything that needs to be in place. Commit to giving the new vision every effort possible.

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  • Decide what you want.
  • Acknowledge learning that needs to take place.
  • Determine what type of help is needed.
  • Prioritize the learning as if it were modules.
  • Exchange ideas with friends.
  • Research groups that may provide assistance.
  • Ask peers if they wish to join forces to help one another.
  • Visit the Smooth Sale Community for potential membership
  • Send your sales related questions to
  • Celebrate Success!

  • Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!