A Simple Habit to Improve Sales Today

Someone once said, “First we form habits, and then they form us.”

And in sales, this is especially true.

Here’s a quick example from a new client I’m working with now:

At the end of speaking with current accounts, the habit of the sales team is to ask: “If you need anything, please give me a call…”

Developing a better habit during this part of the call will greatly increase your sales. Here is what the reps should be saying in this situation:

“While I have you on the phone, what do you have coming up that you’d like me to check on for you?”


“While we’re on the phone, what do you think you’ll be needing in the next couple of weeks?”


“What are some of the things you order frequently that you’d like me to keep an eye out for?”

The difference here is that asking an account for a sale is the best way of getting a possible sale today.

While some clients might not need anything right then, some will! And how sweet will it be to get an instant order today, rather than calling back a month from now to find out they just ordered from someone else?


When you break down your sales calls and begin looking for the habits that make up your pitch, ask yourself: What can you change to become more effective?

Chances are, there are many techniques that will have a huge impact on your sales results. Why not start with this one habit today?

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