5 New Year Actions For Leaders Everywhere

As we turn the page to a New Year, leaders worldwide may be feeling a whole bunch of mixed-up emotions .

For some leaders there can be an uneasy pit in their stomachs wondering how well they will deliver on all of their new projects and big goals they set. For others there may be a thrill of tackling a new adventure that will draw on their recently acquired skills. Is there a new job that you are about to embark on or are you just thinking about making a move?For leaders who are in their own businesses the beginning of the year is often flooded with calls from prospective clients who want to shake up things in their organizations or who want to offer professional development to their employees. It is a time of excitement as well as a time of uncertainty. No matter which, leaders are sensing the New Year is a new beginning.

Five New Year Actions For Leaders Everywhere:

1. Embrace Your Muddled Emotions

Whatever you are feeling acknowledge what is racing around in your head and heart. If you are concerned that your New Year will absorb every moment of your time while still being a thrill, that’s alright. If you are anxious about your new workplace or team members but know you are eager for the change that’s fine too. If you have taken on a project that is way beyond your comfort zone but will challenge your abilities, go with it. Lead through your emotions with acceptance.

2. Rev-Up Your Confidence

Leaders need to put their confidence in high gear to successfully tackle the New Year. Our confidence or lack of confidence can support or derail our mightiest plans. Working with my coaching clients I am often reminded how confidence can be a real game changer. To build a leader’s confidence:
  • Focus on your strengths and talents
  • List out your last year’s accomplishments and recognitions
  • Stay open-minded to exploring new areas in your field
  • Use the feedback you have received to be a stronger leader
  • 3. Clarify Your Goals and Timeframes

    Once leaders are eager and confident they need to set up clear goals and objectives. Use the SMART goal model- goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound. Then break each goal down into smaller objectives with timeframes. Don’t forget to include some stretch goals that help leaders grow and strengthen.Related: What Are You Doing to Add Chapters to Your Leadership Story?Related: Is It Time To Redefine Your Leadership Story?

    4. Identify Your Support System And Advisers

    Leaders know that we don’t function in a vacuum and we need others for guidance and support. This is my challenge for each of you- create a council of advisers to help be your compass in the coming year. How will you build this team of advisers?
  • Look at past and current leaders who have made a difference in your life
  • Think about which team member you trust and listen to
  • Enlist a teacher or professor who you highly respect
  • Find a coach
  • 5. Kick Into High Gear

    Now all that is left to do is run with your plan. Don’t just look at what you have put into place but lead with it! Spend time daily on tackling different parts of your New Year vision and don’t let trip-ups deter you. Leaders know that once they believe they can they are halfway there. What does your new leadership beginning look like?