3 Sale Protocols High-Level Female Financial Advisors do Naturally

No Prospecting, Selling and Closing

You know when you go through your email list and press delete, delete, delete, delete, doesn’t that feel good? Or you know that area in your house with stuff that’s been there forever and every time you look at it, it bugs you? Until that day you finally take everything out of there and if you’re like me, you don’t even look at it before tossing it away because you’re sick of it, haven’t used it, or it’s just not adding to your life anymore. So, you just dump it!

This is exactly what I’m going to ask you to do today. I want you to ditch the old school way of doing business.

I want you to kick the sales tactics that you were taught to the curb. I want you to consider embracing a whole new way of doing business. It’s no longer about prospecting, selling and closing. Those are words and behaviors that drum up negative experiences for you as an advisor, for your clients and your potential clients.

3 Sales Protocols High-Level Female Financial Advisors do Naturally

1. Building relationships instead of prospecting

That’s what women advisors are good at. We are fabulous at building relationships. I talk with so many women, and in most households, and not always the case, there are some fabulous men out there but in most households, it is the female that’s driving the social calendar that’s making the connections. Relationships are a natural skill set for women. In the femXadvisor model relationships become the foundation to your highly productive and loyal client relationships. You need to focus more on how you build relationships with other people. Instead of incorporating the old prospecting strategies, right? Those feels so uncomfortable, almost like you’re stalking people.

2. Inspiring instead of selling

When somebody gets on the phone with me, I can hear them selling me. It’s almost like I could pluck the sentences and the little tactics they’re using, and see them and feel them in front of me. And it doesn’t feel good, right? I don’t like doing it. And I don’t like being on the receiving end. So what’s the opposite of selling? Inspiring! You see, right here right now, I am trying to inspire you to consider a whole new way of growing your business. One that builds trust faster, that accumulates clients faster, and that just feels amazing. That’s what you should be trying to do for your clients. Sharing stories, sharing the challenges, helping them understand there are solutions, that there is a better experience when working with a financial advisor. It’s not about promoting yourself. It’s really about understanding them and speaking their language.

3. Motivating instead of closing

Closing is an industry terminology, “How are you going to close the deal?”, “How are you going to close out the conference” but there needs to be another word. And maybe that concept is motivating. Really, think about it. We try even with our children, to inspire them to consider another way of doing something and then motivate them to take action. Well, our job as female financial advisors is to inspire our clients and then give them reasons that will motivate them to move forward. And the goal is to move forward with you. You see motivating really takes an understanding of what’s important to them, what makes them tick and what is driving them.

A Female Financial Advisor succeeds when she kicks these 3 old protocols to the curb because she knows it’s not about her. Whether you’re focused on building relationships, inspiring or motivating, it’s never about you. It’s not about your credentials. It’s not about your years of experience.

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It’s all about how well you can connect with people, how well you understand them, how well you can articulate the challenges that they face and how well you can show empathy, understanding, and then present alternative solutions.


All of that leads to wanting to do business with you. And isn’t that what we’re trying to do?

So I encourage you, toss out those sales tactics. Dump the prospecting tools in the trash and delete the closing strategies and take on a whole new, fresh, authentic approach to doing business feels great and helps you grow faster.

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