How Advisors Can Modernize the Client Experience


Recorded at the T3 Advisor Conference 2022.  Presented by:

Advisorpedia Interviewed Michelle Feinstein, GM/Vice President, Global Wealth Management Solutions & Strategy at Salesforce, at the T3 Advisor Conference in May, 2022

Recources: Salesforce Wealth Management

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Modernizing the client experience and the adviser experience in the world of wealth is really about how do we bring technology and digitize and automate and integrate some of the experiences that they're trying to accomplish, whether it be financial planning, could be opening new accounts, moving assets, or just the way that they interact with their advisor every single day. . .

I think the first thing to modernize the experience is the adviser has to think about what are the processes that are very manually intensive today that can be automated using technology.

The second is the client experience and thinking about how do their clients want to interact with them? Do they want to do it with a mobile capability? Do they want to do it through a portal? Or do they want human interaction? Modernizing experience is going to mean different things to different clients, so they have to have a flexible model. Multichannel, for instance would be a great way to begin, as an advisor, a great way to get started to start with your CRM. The CRM has the power to hold your data to organize that data and to give you access and integration to a lot of the other capabilities that you're going to rely on every single day.

So if you start the day in your CRM, you can have easy access to financial planning capabilities to workflow to the ability to open an account to custodial feeds. I think the important thing is simplifying the experience as the advisor so you only have one place to begin to start your day we have access to many different capabilities.