Finding Alpha with Alternatives and Fintech


Recorded at the T3 Advisor Conference 2022.  Presented by:

Advisorpedia interviewed Evan Rappaport, Founder & CEO of SMArtX Advisory Solutions, at the T3 Advisor Conference in May, 2022.

Shannon Rosic: "SMArtX is always a company to watch. So I caught up with their CEO Evan Rapoport to learn how he's solving for challenges within the industry."

Evan Rappaport: "Some of the biggest interest that we see today is actually an alternative. So the market is rough, it's difficult and advisors are searching for alpha. So we find that they're looking for alternative products, whether they be hedge funds, private equity funds, or even cryptocurrency, we're seeing a lot of interest there.

Yeah, I think a lot of advisors have used alternatives, but maybe not as much as they do today. And they didn't have the access that they do today. There are so many great systems today coming from some of the technology providers here outside of even SMArtX that allow them easy access to these products. And so using alternatives for advisors today is much easier than ever has been. And I think it's only gonna get easier going forward. What drives innovation is typically client demand.

So we get a lot of requests from advisors for very specific technology that they're looking for that other services can provide them. Whereas within SMArtX, we have a great engineering team. And we can typically build what they're looking for right into our system for them. SMArtX builds unified managed accounts technology, and we help advisors to access third party asset managers in a way that's really easy for them. They can literally come onto our platform, click a few buttons, assemble a portfolio, generate a proposal and then apply that account that that portfolio to 1000s of accounts if they want to. Our software really helps them to scale their practice while outsourcing their investment management."

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