How To Introduce Your Clients to ESG Investing

Are you giving your clients the opportunity to make a positive impact on this world with their investments? 

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by Gabe Rissman, the co-founder and president of Gabe dives into how advisors can make it easy for clients to start aligning their money with their values. He explains how to have clear conversations about ESG investing with clients and the best approach for helping them uncover their values.

Gabe discusses:

  • The most clear walkthrough of ESG that you’ll ever hear
  • How to help clients define what ESG investing means to them
  • How to use’s tools to reveal whether your clients’ portfolios are aligned with their values
  • Metaphors that help clients visualize the direct impact they’re making with their investments
  • What “greenwashing” is and why it’s dangerous to investors
  • And more

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