Rob Isbitts

Sungarden Investment Management was founded by Rob Isbitts, a veteran investment strategist, client advisor and investment educator. Our mission is to deliver straightforward, proactive, investment thinking to a limited number of clients. Rob has been named one of the Top 100 Wealth Advisors in the U.S. by Worth Magazine 3 times. He is the author of two books on investing, and has been a former Chief Investment Officer and mutual fund manager. Rob has consulted with many of his industry peers on portfolio strategy and investment process development. He is a frequent contributor to, as well as

In 2021, Rob and his team at Sungarden Investment Management will be debuting, an investment advisory service for clients, financial advisors and self-directed investors, available on a flat-fee or assets-under-management basis. opens up Rob's 30+ years of investment strategy experience to clients, advisors and investors, so they can focus on investment process and strategy, instead of stock tips and tired asset allocation techniques.  He and his team develop innovative investment strategies that fill a significant gap that exists between what investors truly want, and what Wall Street typically provides. Learn more here .

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