Pros And Cons Of Video Marketing For Financial Advisors

Most financial advisors love making portfolios grow, but hate to do marketing.  That’s not because they’re bad at it, it’s because they think they have to write, design and understand technology. But you don’t have to do things you hate. You can talk into a camera and get clients with simple videos.  I

n this episode, you’ll find out the pros and cons of using video marketing—and how to leverage it to attract more clients.  Want to grow your business with easy-to-make videos? Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • What advice books for young mothers can teach you about getting more qualified clients. (5:58)
  • How webinar software lets you supercharge your marketing results (but only if you target mobile phones) (8:04)
  • The weird way LinkedIn videos get you clients for years (even after you quit making them) (11:36)
  • How to get clients from all of your marketing channels with only one video (13:58)

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