Increase Your Sales via Social Media

Written by: Ivan Serrano

Now the mecca of social interaction once thought impossible; you can increase your sales via social media. It’s where people go to meet, comment, learn and make new friends and even romantic relationships – so it stands to reason that social media is also a fantastic place to reach new customers. There are several reasons businesses use social media, and the process is known as “social selling” to increase sales and grow their business.


  1. Social media makes it easy to buy – social media makes it easy to make purchases, with many secure purchase options, including Apple Pay and even bank transfer. Some social media sites even allow customers to pay overtime, with or without interest costs, making social media the most versatile and easy-to-use marketplace.
  2. Social media will optimize your costs – technically, social media is still free to use. While some restrictions won’t allow you to focus on direct sales, using a free social media account to interact with potential customers and share information about your product is a great way to funnel these potential customers to your site and your products.

Once you’ve seen the benefits of social media for spreading your brand and increasing sales, several factors are sure to affect your sales on your social media journey. Let’s explore a few elements to include on your social media sites, proven to boost sales and increase brand exposure.

Include steps

Your social media site is a great way to let customers and potential customers know everything about the process of buying from your company. For example, using your social media page to detail your shipping process is a great way to inform and encourage potential customers who value transparency. Using reputable shipping tools like the USPS Shipping Calculator is a great way to show your customers that you partner with the best and most reliable names in shipping, and want to ensure your products make it into their hands, hassle-free.

Relate with readers

Social media is often used for opinions and sharing experiences. Take advantage of this for your business by sharing stories to which your readers can relate. For example, if your product solves an issue common with your customer base, use genuine customer reviews and stories about your product to show potential customers how you may solve their problems and understand their needs.

Write for the future and plans

Social media is a great place to build relationships with the public and show them your commitment to longevity. Use your social media site to talk about the company’s future, including new products and services. Sharing the plans for your company or industry will help your customers join you on your journey. You can also rely on your followers to give you on-the-ground feedback for your plans. Their input provides the opportunity to tweak ideas before setting them into action. Even better, you will meet more people’s needs and give the public what they want.

Invest in Social Media advertising

While social media is free, investing in social media advertising is a great way to build a more significant following and customer base. It is proven to increase your product and company versatility and reach your target audience. Each social media account offers many advertising options for all budgets. Smart algorithms will present your product or page to users who have searched or purchased items or services similar to yours. Some social media sites can be linked. Linking helps you keep your message consistent across all platforms. Doing so gives you a two-for-one opportunity for your social media advertising.

More people than ever rely on social media for their daily dose of human interaction. They also use it to shop and find reviews from real people before buying a product. Using social media as a tool to boost sales ensures that you are reaching a broader swath of new customers. Meanwhile, you continue to build a personal connection with your existing customer base and community.

Follow these easy steps and guidelines to take advantage of all the benefits social media offers. Put your business in the best position to capture more of your market share in the upcoming year. Enjoy a Happy New Year!

Ivan Serrano mainly focuses on social media, small business, and finance. When he isn’t planted at his desk writing something up, he’ll be wandering around town practicing photography or watching his favorite sports teams with his friends. You may connect with him on Twitter @ivanserrano55.

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