How to Hack the LinkedIn Algorithm so More People Find Your Profile & See Your Posts


Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite has proven in our past weekly marketing tips that LinkedIn is known to convert more leads in comparison to other social platforms.

In todays video, Samantha teaches us the 5 steps to hack the LinkedIn algorithm so more people find your profile and see your posts.

  1. Prioritizes showing you content from users whom you have engaged with in the past and who post consistently
  2. Shows more content from users who get large amounts of engagement, even if you don't tend to like or comment on their posts
  3. Favors lengthy comments over high volume of reactions
  4. Prefers native content (text posts, images with text, videos with text - anything that does not LINK OUT - i.e. take you OFF LinkedIn)
  5. Doesn't automatically show video over other content types as it did when video was first introduced

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