How Advisors Can Get More Google Reviews

Have you ever looked on Google for a certain type of business and found yourself reading through reviews to help curate your decision?

Have you ever wondered how these businesses get so many reviews that it pushes them to the top of certain searches?

In today's video Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite, goes over the top tips on how to get more Google Reviews.

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The SEC's updated ruling on advertisements and testimonials has officially hit the federal register, which is setting in motion May 4th effective date. . .

So with that being said, so many people now want to know, how do I start preparing to use testimonials on my website or in other marketing? And what can I do to get them today?

I'm going to start by teaching you a little bit more about Google Reviews because that's the easiest place for most people to start, and it's it's also going to be the most effective.

I'm Samantha Russell, chief evangelist at FMG suite and Twenty Over Ten and before we talk about how you can get more Google reviews. Let's talk about why we're starting with them, why it's so important.

Why Google Reviews?

1. They help your SEO

So the first thing to think about is that Google reviews actually help your search engine optimization of your website, and the reason that this is true is because if you think about Google and what their role is is to provide all of us with the best possible search results they can. If you're searching for a restaurant or a plumber or a contractor or a financial advisor, Google would like to show you results that are verified and legitimate businesses and optimally businesses that other people have had a good experience working with. Right? So Google reviews allow them to do that. So for local search, especially having Google reviews can positively impact your search engine rankings.

2. They act as social proof

The second reason we're focusing on Google reviews is because of what we call social proof. So if you think again about the average consumer or investor and they want to start engaging with a new financial advisor, they're going to maybe hand over their life savings to this person. Right? Think about how impactful it is to have what we call social proof to go and Google that person or that business's name and see objective third party reviews from other people who've worked with that person. It's incredibly, incredibly powerful, and it does so much positive. It has so much positive impact for your business. So we're going to start with Google reviews.

Strategies to To Get More Google Reviews:

1. Setup and Optimize your Google My Business Page

2. Add a link in your email signature

3. Email all of your clients asking them to leave you a review - share a link directly making it easy for them

4. Include a Google Review Request in the footer of your website