Don’t Miss Out: Stunning International Hybrid Event Ideas

Written by: Ethan Rome

Today the usual events with monotonous reports and plenary sessions are being replaced by unusual hybrid events. Non-standard formats allow you to successfully resolve the most serious issues in a friendly atmosphere. The industry of hybrid events itself is designed to surprise, inspire, and give new impressions. This article talks about unusual stunning international hybrid event ideas that you should take into service.

Сampfire seminar

The atmosphere of a friendly company and the solution of profound problems seem incompatible only at first glance. This format of a hybrid event is appreciated in companies that welcome unusual corporate parties, team building in nature, and a sincere atmosphere even at official events. In this case, the situation is conducive to expressing the frankest opinions and unexpected proposals that can benefit the common cause.


The complete opposite of the traditional format - there is no clear schedule and scenario, and everyone can become a speaker. Such hybrid events are usually held in large-scale venues for many participants per hundred people. Several points are created on the site where various issues are discussed. Those present "vote with their feet": if the topic becomes uninteresting, you can switch to another subject at any time.

World Café

The methodology of the hybrid event is based on the exchange of knowledge and ideas in a friendly atmosphere. Offline participants sit at tables of 4-5 people and discuss a given topic for 20 minutes. Then one representative from each group moves to another table. The speaker informs the newcomer about the conclusions reached by his team. In this way, everyone enriches each other with opinions, allowing solving a common problem or some pressing issues.

Fail conference

The technology is based on the meaning of English - "failure." The essence of the hybrid event is to analyze someone else's negative experience. Speakers talk about their failures, defeats, and mistakes, and the audience asks uncomfortable questions. Speakers should be ready for them. The format is not yet widespread globally but is gradually gaining popularity.


The term comes from "hacker" and "marathon" - initially, such creative events were held only for IT specialists. Today, the technique is successfully spreading in other areas - from pharmacology to urban planning. As a rule, a hackathon lasts several days. During this time, the participants jointly gain new knowledge, set up experiments, create promising projects or ready-to-use products.


Translated from Japanese, PechaKucha means just "chit chat." However, this did not stop it from gaining a lot of fans in many countries. The peculiarity of the format is its dynamism. The participant is given the opportunity to show 20 slides and accompany each with a 20-second explanation. The brevity and ease of presenting information are the main reasons for the popularity of this technique.

Secret meeting

The passion for solving riddles is the foundation of human nature. If the venue, the names of the guest stars online, or the password to enter are kept secret until the last moment, then an incredible interest in the hybrid event is guaranteed as well as a massive audience. For such offline events, it is logical to choose the appropriate venues: basement studios, unusual museums, etc.

Actual tricks for hybrid events

Whatever idea you would adopt, it is worth considering several techniques that can arouse and retain the interest of the audience:

  1. Unusual place. City parks, loft bars, even abandoned factory floors - all this is quite suitable for holding a hybrid conference. Such an atmosphere naturally sets up for informal communication.
  2. Use of technology. In the case of hybrid events, you need to think about technology for both your virtual attendees and in-person attendees. Technical issues can negatively impact the participants' experience, and in severe cases, it can lead to the event being stopped altogether.
  3. The involvement of each participant. The "one speaks - the rest listen" principle is hopelessly outdated today. And if you bring interpreting booths at your event, it will lead to more activity when everyone present takes the initiative. The more exciting and valuable the international discussion will be.

Modern technologies create hybrid events, the ideas meet the global trend - sharing. Such events are based on accessible communication with an international audience, a lively exchange of impressions. The result is discoveries and the birth of progressive concepts in various fields of activity. Only those ideas of events that have already been well tested in practice were listed. How many more ideas can you come up with?

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