Copywriting and Content Marketing Trends for 2022

Written by: Peter Minkoff

Copywriting and content marketing are arguably the two most important factors of any successful digital marketing campaign. But even though they have become standard aspects of advertising that are included in nearly every strategy today, they still have a tendency to change and evolve with time, as does any other field. New trends continue to appear in this space, and represent a critical tool for reaching new growth and success opportunities in the digital world. To that end, here are some of the most important copywriting and content marketing trends for 2022 you should follow as well:

Reduced marketing channels

Although this trend has been rising in popularity for quite some time now, it seems like 2022 is finally the year when less is truly more. As each marketing channel has its own unique demands regarding content, marketers have realized that maintaining consistency and quality across platforms is no longer possible, and often unnecessary. Instead, quality is prioritized over quantity, the number of marketing channels is reduced, and content is focused only on two or three channels that are the most relevant and interesting to the target audience. Surprisingly, marketers have noticed better results with this tactic.

Short creative content

As social media continues to rise, one trend can be noticed across all popular platforms - the need for short and creative content that’s easy to consume. Users often decide within the first couple of seconds whether they will watch the video or read the article to the end, or jump to the next post if their attention isn’t captured. In other words, creativity has become essential for content marketing this year. Fun, interesting, and captivating content is necessary for engaging audiences, especially younger demographics that are more used to consuming plenty of content online.

More personal storytelling

Audiences particularly enjoy personal stories. People want to experience and learn more about the stories behind companies, brands, and their products, as well as how they can benefit them personally. For that reason, working with a skilled and experienced content marketing agency is more important than ever before. By developing a suitable strategy, focusing on content creation and SEO, and even providing training opportunities, such experts can deliver exactly what each brand needs, and ensure they look good in front of their audience. Great content on a more personal level will be key to success this year.

The use of live videos

Videos are becoming more and more crucial for effective content marketing. Live videos are thought to be particularly efficient at building trust and garnering interest among audiences, such as those depicting product launches, events, etc. These types of videos give viewers the opportunity to have personal, direct, and unfiltered contact with brands, a factor that is especially important in marketing. Companies can benefit even further with the use of live videos, being able to interact with audiences in real-time and receiving honest responses, which is why they will likely continue to grow beyond 2022.

Business-related podcasts

Video and audio podcasts represent another marketing tool that has become quite powerful in the last few years, and is another important trend that is set to continue being prominent in the future. This format can serve nearly every niche, no matter how big or small, while requiring quite low production and distribution efforts. Podcasts can also be combined with other forms of content quite easily and promoted on any marketing channel, making them a particularly simple content marketing trend to follow that yields great results in terms of the level of commitment.

Evidently, copywriting and content marketing are evolving at quite a rapid pace. In order to keep up and ensure success in 2022 and beyond, aim to implement the important trends mentioned above into your marketing strategy.

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