A Website Tweak To Earn More Trust and Credibility as a Financial Advisor


As a financial advisor, you want all prospects to think that you are trustworthy, honest and an expert in your field. But with so many people now meeting you for the first time via your website or online, how do you portray trustworthiness, honesty and expertise on a website?

In today's video, Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite shares one quick and simple tweak you can make your website to accomplish just this.

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Okay, so this easy thing that you can do is to simply add an "as featured on" section or "as seen in" section to your website. So what I'm talking about is something like this, where when somebody lands on your website right below the fold, where you say who you are, what you do, what services you provide, who you work with, you have a section that has logos of various publications or media that you have been featured in. Right. . .

So it might be that you been quoted in the local newspaper or your local morning TV show or a larger National publications such as CNBC or The Wall Street Journal.

By including these logos right there on your website, you are immediately going to be demonstrating what we call social proof. So social proof is a phenomenon that's part of our everyday lives where we look to others to help us determine whether or not a decision we're going to make is a good one. So by including these logos from other well known reputable organizations publications, it's showing those prospects that all of these other experts, these well known media companies, trust you as an expert. And so that just helps portray you as being even more trustworthy and more of an expert in your field. Now, while you're first getting started, you may not have again such National brands, but you might be able to feature again something more local, like your local newspaper or a local TV station. It's fine to get started there and then swap out as needed. You can also do this right below the fold on your website, or you can have an individual standalone page and the main navigation. That's an as featured on section, but I like to include it right below the fold.

So Let's look at just a couple of examples Here's. One from Quarry Hill Advisors. You can see as you Scroll through this nice big section as featured on it also has some of the recognition he's gotten being listed as an Investopedia Top 100 advisor. Things like that, a five star wealth manager.

Another example from prominent financial planning. You can see here again, an as featured in section where we can see that he's been featured in Money Magazine, US News, all kinds of different publications.

And then one last one from Jacob Gold and Associates. And again, this one has all the logos in this Gray scale. Still really nice fits into the design of the website, but lens that expertise and authority. So again, if you're looking for a quick and easy way to demonstrate expertise, authority, and trustworthiness as an advisor, add and as featured in section right on your home page.

If you thought this tip was helpful, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. If you have any questions about how we at FMG Suite and Twenty Over Ten can help you add this to your own website. We'll see you next week.