Active Management in a Time of Decline with Rocco Pellegrinelli

Rocco Pellegrinelli is the Founder and CEO of Trendrating, a Swiss company with proprietary and unique trend-capture and rating methodologies used in the asset management, wealth management, private banking, advisory, hedge funds, and family offices fields to maximize returns and to better control risks.

Doug and Rocco talked about the current state of the overall global markets and the historical trends that may tell us what to expect when deciding to invest.

They also discussed:

  • The combination of factors affecting market fluctuations
  • Why inflation is not just an American issue
  • How active management can help people navigate the current and upcoming cycles
  • The challenges that Rocco has experienced as an active manager over the last decade
  • Rocco’s advice to active managers about the opportunities that exist
  • The Trendrating model and what it says about recent market behavior

Resources: Trendrating 

Please visit the Trendrating Alpha Dispersion website. This purely educative website, offers free up-to-date statistics to measure and analyze the dispersion in the global markets and sectors.

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