How Multi-Family Offices Are Serving the Ultra-Affluent

A Multi-Family Office can simplify some of the complexities of the ultra-affluent.

It just takes smart planning, the right tech, and an independent mindset.

It’s no secret: being an independent Registered Investment Advisor means having the freedom to always do what’s right for your clients. With ultra-affluent clients, extra special attention and resources are needed. Enter the Multi-Family and Single-Family Office. Through a broader suite of services and expertise, these firms help families oversee their entire financial lives while preserving their privacy, objectivity, and access to solutions. And there’s a growing need for more.

“In this industry, the more solutions you provide, the happier and more satisfied clients are, and the more willing they are to provide introductions to you.” Shannon Kennedy, Global President at BMO Family Office.

To see what it takes to build the Multi-Family or Single-Family Office you’re dreaming about, and what the future has in store, download this white paper with comprehensive perspectives, model breakdowns, and more.

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