Help Your Clients Focus on Goals, Not Risk.

Real risk, as your clients experience it, is not portfolio volatility. It’s the likelihood they will fail to reach their goals. This goals-based definition of risk accomplishes two things: it puts risk into a subjective human context, and it lengthens the timeline against which risk is measured.

The best investors ignore the broader market and focus on getting the returns they need to live the life they want. But even though personal benchmarking makes sense, it also requires us to fight against behaviors we’re used to.

In this whitepaper, you’ll see how you can use the latest behavioral finance research to improve outcomes, as well as:

  • Understand how to frame investment advice in ways illuminating client goals
  • Understand what biases, behaviors, and influences that affect goal-setting
  • Be able to apply the specific methods to aid in client goal-setting

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