Understanding What Matters Most to Investors


Recorded at the Market Counsel Summit. Presented by: 

Advisorpedia interviewed Orion Advisor Solutions CEO Eric Clarke at the MarketCounsel Summit in December, 2021.

"Our industry has taken such an interesting view on risk as it relates to how much risk is someone going to feel comfortable taking in the markets. How much risk can they afford to take? Or how much risk do they need to take? But yet, we have done very little as an industry to look at how much anxiety the client has in general.

What are their things that they're worried about? What challenges do they have that are top of mind for them? What hurdles do they see coming in the future that are keeping them up at night?

We have an incredible opportunity to not only measure the amount of anxiety levels or, an overall investors composure. Now we have the technology tools to help address those top of mind concerns, which I think puts us in a really unique position to get beyond the traditional conversations and get to the things that matter most to the client and build that trusted relationship.

At Orion, we are bringing technology tools along with behavioral analytic tools together in a way that helps the advisor build a trusted relationship with their prospects and clients that prospect and client needs to be understood. And that's what we're trying to build is a platform of trusted advice. Being able to bring together the best assessments with the best technology to help our advisors build that trust and relationship."

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