The Rise of Home Decor Sales During Covid-19

Written by: Peter Minkoff

Offices have closed their doors, some of them without planning to ever go back to the old normal, and workers are relishing their new, work-from-home model. Suddenly, the furniture and home décor industry is witnessing a massive surge in sales, caused by the simple fact that we are spending significantly more time at home, both working and with our loved ones.

Naturally, people don’t want to work slouching over a poorly positioned coffee table, let alone put up with a messy home office nook without a sliver of light. Now that we’re getting used to working remotely and using our private space for business, too, we’re in need of better, smarter, more beautiful décor around us. As a result, retailers are making sure their offers meet our changing needs, but customers are also changing how they perceive and go about shopping for their homes.

E-commerce fueling growth

At the core of this furniture craze lies one simple shift. More home décor businesses are moving their stores online or at the very least creating e-commerce stores to complement their brick-and-mortar presence. Moving online in such an efficient way has empowered customers to keep perusing their favorite stores even when they’re social distancing or in quarantine.

Not to mention that working from home means an increased need for purposeful furniture and accessories, so customers are compelled to browse and buy online to save time and money alike. Another detail that is reshaping the industry is the fact that customers are much more inclined to buy locally, thus supporting the growth of the local economy.

Greenery to reconnect with nature

The pandemic has brought on another change into our lives. We’re no longer able to travel as much as we used to, which means that all those trips and excursions into the wild are either unlikely or simply not as easy to organize. Spending more time at home, in isolation, we’re craving the touch of nature.

Home décor trends are picking up on this shift and customers are gladly refurbishing their homes to introduce more verdant, natural elements. People are buying more plants, indoor gardens, and potted herbs and spices to add more beauty to their rooms, and to feel closer to nature.

Lively colors for a warmer space

In addition to plants and functional furniture, customers are also showing a greater interest in making their living space more visually appealing, soothing, and color-coordinated for that zen feeling. This makes working from home much more comfortable and allows you to genuinely appreciate your space during and outside work hours.

Pastel colors in accessories that add warmth and comfort such as beautiful pink rugs can bring your rooms to life without disrupting your existing décor. People are now leaning more towards subtle, soft pink, sky blue hues, as well as sunny, creamy yellow. Creating this calming atmosphere means that throw pillows, blankets, and rugs are now getting more traction than ever.

Comfort and ergonomics in the spotlight

In addition to aesthetically pleasing pastels and greenery to soothe the pandemic-stressed mind, the home décor trends are quickly moving towards efficiency and productivity. As a result, home-based workers are investing heavily in back-supporting ergonomic chairs, as well as properly aligned desks with plenty of storage space.

People are looking for essentials that don’t take up too much space, but that serve a clear purpose, so there’s an increase in standing and adjustable desks for those who take care of their health.

Smart tech saves the day

Some things are at the cross-section of home décor accessories and tech that helps modern workers adjust to the Covid-19 situation while working remotely. One of them is your choice of home office lighting, which helps you stay healthy, prevent eye strain, and be as productive as possible while adding to the aesthetics of your home.

Simple LED lighting is a great home improvement initiative for most modern homeowners, but you can also start with a LED lamp for your workspace to give you focus without overcrowding your desk.

Home décor sales have certainly shown an upward trend in the past several months. However, should businesses encourage remote work in the future beyond the pandemic, too, we can expect even more growth in the months to come. It’s time to spruce up our home offices, make ourselves comfortable, and get more done with the help of our décor choices.

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