The Biggest Evolution Point in Our Industry


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Advisorpedia interviewed Riskalyze Co-Founder & CEO Aaron Klein at the FSI OneVoice conference in Feburary, 2022.

"The biggest evolution point that I see in this in this industry is that we're going to shift from kind of inch deep integrations to really deep workflow integrations. And that's the theme that we've kind of set for our integration work for the next two years, is we're going to be very focused on delivering deep workflow integrations with a bunch of the key partners in the in the in the technology ecosystem for financial advisors.

And what I mean by that is, it should be really simple and easy for an advisor to snap in an integration, and have a very simple, concise, crisp workflow, the days of integration, where it's just like, hey, you plug these two things in and data pops up on both sides, you've got single sign on, I mean, that's good. But what's really great is when it impacts your workflow, and you have a very seamless way to step through both applications, and be able to use them to the benefit of your clients.

At Riskalyze, we're really focused on doubling down on innovation for the advisors we serve. Right now, when when we started the company, we started by, you know, trying to change how advisors engage with clients through the lens of risk. We really started building backward into Portfolio analytics and investment research.

With the launch of discovery, the new like natural language search engine for finding ETFs and mutual funds and solutions for your clients portfolios. We're super excited about all the different things we're going to do with the discovery engine this year, a lot of really cool innovation upgrades to that, we're going to do a lot more to help advisors tell their story even more effectively with comparing how much risk the client wants versus how much risk the client needs in order to reach their goal. And really, that ultimately helps them you know, make a decision around how much risk the client should have and how they're going to deliver those kinds of solutions to their clients. So just continued innovation at that intersection of where advisors and clients engage."

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