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Advisorpedia interviewed Rusty Sommers, Managing Director of Strategic Relationships at Flyer Financial Technologies at the MarketCounsel Summit in December, 2021.

"Within the industry, I think we've kind of gone from one end of the spectrum, the pendulum has been here, it's kind of moved there. We started off, people were just delivering investment, it was very kind of scattered, all replaced. And through the robots and technology advancement, we moved here. And we got to be very homogenized and things were a lot to say.

And now we're at a point where technology is enabling us to kind of come back, right to really deliver investments to people kind of at their level with them at a point that makes sense. And that's where Flyer comes in, because we give people an opportunity to manage their portfolios at scale to really deliver on what they have to talk to their clients about and agreed to and said, "This is what your investment portfolio should look like."

And then we've taken it a step further, we've said for organizations who really want to own and be part of the client experience, you know, that API layer, allowing them to really build out what they want and use the technology because the technology is great. It's sexy, it's interesting. But if that doesn't match off exactly what the way you want to experience with your clients, that's okay. 

You should be enabled to do what you need to do and want to do. So we're here to support that. We also provide people access to, you know, interesting investment asset classes, right? Talk about things being homogenized, everybody's delivering the same model, right? Does it have, you know, a real estate read in it or not? Not very interesting, but to the right, people want fixed income REITs and necessary evil, maybe high yield, maybe they want access to options or derivatives, right?

Tools need to provide that functionality and access to advisors to meet the needs of their clients or their clients. Our investment strategy performance, in my opinion, comes in a couple of different flavors. It's just not "Did you beat the index?" That's part of it. Right? The part of it also is operational performance can you deliver on what you need to deliver on in a way that you can meet the needs of your client and of your business too.

So you've got to have workflow, you've got to solve operationally for the things that impact your clients and the performance of what you're able to deliver them. So you got to hit a get hit that part but you also have to be able to be nimble. So when the market moves, where your clients saying, "I need money, or I need, you know, to change my investment makeup", you need to be able to respond to that in a way that not only is scalable, but it's meaningful and it makes sense."

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